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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Patrick's Photos

I am so sorry to all that wanted to see Patrick's pictures. I was having some trouble with Patrick's photos. For some reason I could not get my program to allow access to them. I now have them set up on another site that allows anyone to view them. Some of the photos are not on there yet, but I am working on them. If any one else wants to set up an online photo album, I would recomend that you use the flickr site from Yahoo. It was so fast & easy to set up, & it's FREE! Just go to Yahoo & then go to flickr.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Learning Continues

Patrick & Snowy are doing the "I want to get to know you" circle. Snowy is slowly warming up to him. After being barked at Sat. night, she is still not sure who is top dog here.

Patrick looks so sad sitting in front of the love seat. He just wants to get up there for some attention.

We had purchased those doggie steps a long time ago for Blaze. Blaze was our first Dalmatian, and as she was getting up in years, she was having some troubles getting up & down from her favorite love seat. We thought why not put a set by the love seat & see what happens. Patrick went over to them & immediatly started climbing. He found out very quickly how to climb steps.

Patrick is showing us just how smart he really is. He now climbs up there when we are sitting watching TV so he can get some attention.

Sometimes he just wants a soft place to rest.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My New HOME ! ! !

Well the greetings went pretty well. Although there is one funny twist. Patrick was still very stressed from the long ride home when he met his new big sister Snowy for the first time. As snowy went over to him to say hello, Patrick let out a few little barks, and as you can guess, the great big German Sheppard put her tail between her legs and ran to her hiding spot. Little Patrick actually scared his big sister so much that she is still unsure of this little guy. They have been interacting more & more since then, and Snowy is warming up to him alot. It shouldn't be too long before they are best friends.

Patrick has adapted very well to his new home.

I think that Patrick has taken to his home VERY quickly. In fact, it looks like he wants to take over. When we went to bed last night, we put him in our king size bed for the night. The first place that he adopted as his own was MY side of the bed & MY pillow. I think I may be in trouble here, what do you think????

Well at least I made it to bed, even though he has even taken over my blanket too!!!

Starting a new life

We finally got to meet our sweet little boy. As soon as Dana sat down, Patrick was the first pup to go to her. He already knew somehow that this was his new mommy. We had fun playing with all the pups that were left, along with his mother Gia, big brother Gage, and Zoey. His mommy gave him a last little feeding before his departure, I guess it was her way of saying good bye, I love you to him.

Patrick loves to pose for pictures. He will stop & let you take a picture of him.

Patrick adjusted to his ride home very well. We had a box all set up for him lined with soft flannel sheets.

All the comforts of home ! !