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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our Christmas Fur Angels

As many of you have seen on my blog, I have a link on there to Blaze's Rainbow Residence. This is a wonderful place to remember my very special Dal who gave me so much love. Today someone visited her residence & left me such a sweet message about my fur angel that I just had to share these thoughts & prayers. May everyone have a special joyous Christmas remembering your own special fur angels.

"God gave us our memories so that we might have Roses in December." a quote by J.M. Barrie. May the memories of your blessed furangel Blaze, the ones that can't help but bring a smile to your face and a chuckle to your heart as you remember the way her sweet love touched your life, be the ones that surround you this Holiday Season. My prayer for each of us this Christmas season, is that each of our babies wrap up a special little sign for each one of us back here, and send it to us this special season. May you catch a glimpse of your special sign, just when your heart needs it most.... And may each love-filled memory you have of your beloved furbaby bring to your heart the very warmth and sunshine of the Rainbow itself. That's just one "gift" your fur-angel would want for you this year ... With best wishes for you and your family this Holiday Season, Karen (Dusty & DJ's mom)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


It is so hard to remember that it has been a year already since these wonderful fur babies came into our lives. This past Sunday we drove all the way from just outside of Cape May,N.J. to the west side of Pittsburg, Pa. to attend a birthday party for Patrick's littermate Jazz. Patrick enjoys going for car rides, and really loved this one. He is so well behaved in the car that we can forget that he is even there. Well after the 7 hour trip he was ready and rarin to go. We were greeted with open arms from everyone there, just as if we had been there many times before. What a truely wonderful group of people. For those of you who followed LaDonna's blog a year ago, you might remember that Barb had a favorite, but LaDonna would not tell us which one. Well all we can say is that when we walked in and she saw Patrick, she got a tear in her eyes as she said that she thought she would not get the chance to see him again. The party was amazing, Lisa, Jazz's mommy, set up games to play with the dogs and we all had alot of fun. What came next was so unexpected. Lisa had a beautiful cake made for Jazz's party. Lisa knew that Jazz's brother Peet was going to be there also, and she had cakes made for both Peet & Patrick. Then came the fun of giving each one of the birthday kids a small piece of thier cake. Jazz, like the little lady she is, was very ladylike as she gently ate her cake. Peet was next, and true to being a young boy, Peet dove right in and made short work of his piece. Then came Patrick. Everyone was wondering how he would be with the cake, gentle like his sister, or like his brother & make quick work of it. Well he suprised all of us by being a little gentleman and ate his cake very properly. I guess you could say he wanted to impress his mommy LaDonna & Aunt Barb, and show them how well behaved he can be, because when he is home, he will make very short work of anything he is given. We were also surprised that Patrick recieved so many nice gifts as well. We did not expect any gifts, as we just wanted to see LaDonna again and bring Patrick up for a visit. All the traffic we ran into on the way home, hmmmm we forgot it was a holiday weekend, was nothing compared to the wonderful time we had that day. LaDonna brought Gia with her so mom could help celebrate her kids birthday. I am putting some of the pics here so you can see just how much fun was had by all.

Mommy Gia jumping for joy over seeing 3 of her kids together again.

Peet & his mommy playing musical hoops.

Birthday girl Jazz.

Birthday boy Peet.

Birthday boy Patrick.

And now for some cake.

Jazz, Peet, Gia, and Patrick.

Time to open presents.

Tess trying to show Jazz how to open presents.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Graduation Time

Patrick has been in obedience class and has been doing very well. Tonight was the last night and after they were done the routines for the night, it was graduation time. I am posting a few pics of Patrick here from the class. Some of them are not that good because of the poor lighting in the room. But I am sure that you will still enjoy seeing him. I did manage to get a couple good profile shots and some good face pics. The last one, when Dana is standing with Patrick holding his certificate, it looks like Patrick is sad that it is over. He enjoyed the class & interacting with everyone & the other dogs. His next step in training will start in January, that's when he will start his training for his CGC. But in the meantime, he will be his normal playfull lovebug self. The one thing that we can't wait for, is to travel to the Pittsburg area on the 30th of this month. Patrick's littermate Jazz is having a birthday party, and we will be attending so we can see her again, and Peet will also be joining the fun.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Patrick Then & Now

How fast these little ones grow. We can't remember that he is still a pup, because he has grown so much in the 8 1/2 months we have had our little boy. I was looking back in the pictures & thought it would be nice to see some then & now pics of Patrick.

Patrick at 35 Days Old

Patrick at 10 Months old

One day I will be able to reach the top.

I can eat out of the top now !

Claiming my spot in Daddy's Lap

I still love to lay with Daddy !

Mommy LaDonna Taught me how to climb on top of things.

I STILL love to climb on top.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just a few newer pics of Patrick

Patrick still thinks that he is a lap dog. I was trying to relax in the recliner the other day, but Patrick wanted to be close to his daddy. So the next thing I know, I am sharing the recliner with him.

He still loves the camera & having his picture taken. By the look on his face here, I think he was a puppy on a mission. Of course, with the tongue at the ready, I was about to get some loving puppy kisses.

He still likes to sleep in some crazy positions on the loveseat.

We stayed up a little later than usual the other night, & Patrick was a little put out. He wanted to go to bed, so he went with out us. We didn't realize untill we went to put the laundry away that he was in bed waiting for us. The look in his face kind of tells us he was not a happy camper about being disturbed.

AKC Responsible Dog owners Day

The Cape May County Dog Obedience Club held a Mutt Strut on the Cape May Promanade on the 20th. This is the only time during the year that doge are allowed there. We took patrick down and had a nice walk along the ocean. Patrick behaved so well for us and interacted so well with everyone. The only problem we had with him is he just wanted to play with the other dogs, who also wanted to play with each other. All in all it was a great experience for our little man, who was the only Dalmatian in attendence.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

National Night Out 8-5-2008

We have been very busy lately & we really have fallen down on the job of keeping up on here. We just got back from the National Night Out and had the most amazing experience. Because we were so busy, we really have not had Patrick out socializing like we should be. Well I can tell you that this amazing little boy is full of alot of surprises. He was only on the Fire Trucks once before & we were not sure how he would handle things. When we got to the National Night Out, Patrick jumped right out of our suv and took to things like he did this every day.

As you can see, Patrick looked right at home on our Engine. Notice how high he is on the Engine with me standing there ? Well right after this picture was taken, he decided he wanted to explore some more & just jumped right down.

Patrick liked the paint job, but was happier near the Fire trucks

Patrick was a BIG hit with every one there. Both the kids & adults just loved this little liver boy.

Patrick was so well behaved and loved all the attention that he got, and as you can see, the kids loved getting the attention from him as well.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Here are some new picture of Patrick.