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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Graduation Time

Patrick has been in obedience class and has been doing very well. Tonight was the last night and after they were done the routines for the night, it was graduation time. I am posting a few pics of Patrick here from the class. Some of them are not that good because of the poor lighting in the room. But I am sure that you will still enjoy seeing him. I did manage to get a couple good profile shots and some good face pics. The last one, when Dana is standing with Patrick holding his certificate, it looks like Patrick is sad that it is over. He enjoyed the class & interacting with everyone & the other dogs. His next step in training will start in January, that's when he will start his training for his CGC. But in the meantime, he will be his normal playfull lovebug self. The one thing that we can't wait for, is to travel to the Pittsburg area on the 30th of this month. Patrick's littermate Jazz is having a birthday party, and we will be attending so we can see her again, and Peet will also be joining the fun.