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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just another day at the Shore

Well it just got quiet again, these two just love to play, & one of thier favorite things is to tease each other as they race thru the house. Patrick has started to do some funny things lately. At night he climbs into bed, and just as we are comfortable, Patrick burrows under the covers to snuggle in by our legs. This doesn't last long, because we usually have to move him quickly because he runs his cold nose along our thighs making us jump. He then just looks at us like we are nuts, and has that very innocent look on his face.

Just a little quiet time together.

I think Snowy is trying to say "let us alone" or she is just saying " what's a matter, jealous?"

The end results of a very hard play session, two very tired best friends.

Some times the food just tastes better from the top.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Blog Listings

Hi Everyone, Thank you for the nice comments. We just wish that everyone who was lucky enough to get one of Gia's wonderful pups would start a blog. This way we could all follow the entire litter's progress. After watching the litter as they grew, we now miss seeing them all. If any one would like to post the link for patrick's blog, please feel free to do so. If anyone knows if anyone else has a blog for one of the pups, please let me know so we can follow them as well.
Frank, Dana, Anthony & Patrick