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Monday, March 2, 2009

We actually do get snow at the Jersey Shore

Well the snow stopped falling and they decided it was ok to go out. I got up around 2:30 this morning to do "my" business & Patrick & Snowy wanted to go out and do thiers. I went to thier door and opened it. Snowy took 3 steps outside & turned around and ran back in. Patrick on the other hand, stood just inside the door, looked out, & said "Not on your life dad". It was snowing so hard & the wind was blowing very hard, I just couldn't blame them. This morning when things calmed down, we actually wound up with about 7" of snow. The "kids" have to get used to it and check things out first, but then it's play time.

Just a little side note here. Patrick will have to go back to school again for his CGC & TDI. This was not his fault tho. We had to stop going to class because Dana was having a flare up with her MS, & it was just too difficult to make it there. Once the next class starts he will be back & should do just fine. I don't think that Patrick minds tho, he always enjoyed going to class and interacting with everyone.

"Hey DAD ! What's this white stuff doing in our yard again????

Ok Snowy, let's check this stuff out.

This white stuff checked out ok dad, Can we play now ???