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Friday, February 8, 2008

The Rough housing Continues

We just love to watch these two at play, and wanted to share some of this with you.

Almost Trained

Patrick is learning so quickly, that he is just about house broken already. He still has a few accidents, but for the most part he asks to go out now. We are using positive training with him. When he has an accident, we put him outside & tell him this is where you go. When he asks to go out, & then does his business, we give him a training treat when he comes in. He now looks forward to those treats. He is so well behaved, that he does not try to snap the treat from our hands. He actually takes it so gently, that you hardly even feel him take it at all. We are so proud of him.

We had our camera out and caught a few cute pics, they kind of speak for them selves.

Caught in the act!

But I swear I Didn't eat any of her food !

Best Friends

You MESS with Patrick, I MESS with YOU ! ! !

Monday, February 4, 2008

Growing Fast

Just a couple of pics of patrick relaxing on "HIS" love seat.

Well, it has been only 3 short weeks and Patrick is growing so quickly. When Patrick was taken to the vet with his littermates on Jan. 14th, he weighed in at 9.7lbs. Patrick went to the vet today for his second round of shots & the not so little boy weighed in at 15.1lbs.

We went to the show this past weekend & had a fantastic time. This was our first time attending a show & were very impressed. We had watched a couple of shows on tv, & after reading up on the standards that are judged, we were actually able to pick out the winners. We had been talking to some women that were showing thier Dals. & they said that they were familiar with Kingdom Dalmatians. We showed the a pic of Patrick, and they really seemed to like him. They also said that his nose will probably get all of it pigment, so we are now thinking of poss. starting to look at showing him. Whe they showed we knew that they were going to win, because of the way they moved & thier overall highly positive attitude. Thier Dals. were always happy and showed thier positive attitude & beautiful stance. Sure enough, they won. It was a totaly pleasant experience for us as everyone there was so nice & willing to talk with us. We also made a contact with a local club & we will be getting information from them as soon as they get all settled from the show. So it looks like we are on the way to getting him on his way.